New Local pickup Policy effective January 2021:

  • I will post the designated pickup days along with hours of availability. I will also post thorough direction on how to do the new pickup method which is: “No Contact CURBSIDE PICKUP.”
  • Anyone that doesn’t pick up their order during that timeframe will be put on a list & will no longer be able to choose local pickup in the future. That means SHIPPING ONLY.
  • Your order will then be held until the next pick up day for the next release. There will be no picking up in between releases whatsoever. If you do not pick up at the second available pick up days your order will be canceled and refunded minus a 30% restocking fee. Therefore  please make arrangements to do so as I make plenty of reminders on multiple pages including my website, my main Bubble Bakery page, the group, Instagram and now text reminders. (❗️ATTN: This part of the new policy will be inforced on a trial basis for the Easter release. If too many people choose to still not pickup then orders will not be held for future releases. They will just be immediately cancelled after pickup days are over & refunded minus the restocking fee.❗️).
  • Friends and family members are more than welcome to pick up your order for you if you are not able. I’m located right in town so I’m easy to access and happy to make arrangements with them. They will just need to message the local pick up number the day of and let me know who they are picking up for.



Please keep in mind the local pick up process is a very strenuous job due to the high volume of orders & having to double and triple check orders prior to arrival. It’s much easier to just prep your order for shipment and send it on its way. But I’m doing my very best to accommodate my locals as much as possible. Which is why I left local pick up open ended for so many years.  Sadly due to the increasingly large volume of customers forgetting to pick up orders until we are in break, it’s just became a bit too much for us to handle with our already heavy work loads.

I’ve ALWAYS been more than happy to work with anyone that truly does have some sort of emergency arise. It took a lot of praying and a lot of thought over the past couple of years to come to this decision. I truly hope you guys understand how hard this was for me and choose to continue to support me. 💕