About Me

Welcome To The Bubble Bakery!
My name is Heather. I’m the Owner & Creator here at the Bubble Bakery. Im a single mom of two little boys, Brayden (13) & Greyson (4).  They are my entire world and sole reason for starting this business. 
Both my children & myself have always struggled with sensitive skin. I was never able to purchase bath products from other stores without them causing some sort of reaction.  It just didn’t seem fair that my boys had to miss out on all these fun products so I spent 6 months straight researching.  I set out to find the best & most gentle ingredients on the market.
I started out making a few bath bombs & bubble scoops. Several of my Facebook friends took interest and through word of mouth I started getting more and more requests for them. Although I loved creating, I was always too scared to turn it into a business. That is up until my youngest went in for his second and third open heart surgery. A one week stay turned into us spending Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s in the cardiac intensive care unit in Nashville, TN. Once we were finally able to come home I was eager to see where this business could go.
I knew our small town had nothing like what I was about to offer at the time & I was excited to bring something unique & of great quality to everyone.  Among other things, I was quite ready to dive in at this point due to the fact Greyson was not able to leave home for weeks after his surgeries.  I put together what little money I had at the time, which wasnt very much, & I purchased my first big batch of ingredients. Turns out that was the best decision I ever made. Now 3 years later I get to watch my babies grow up and work from home doing something I absolutely love! I’m so incredibly thankful to have such a huge support system and the most amazing customers ever! A lot of you have been by my side from the very beginning and I can’t thank all of you enough.💕