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🍍Butt Naked - sugared pineapples and other tropical fruits blended with creamy vanilla, marshmallow cream and honeydew melon. 
🍎Candied Apple - Apple slices, pears, lime, strawberries, vanilla sugar, oranges & plums.  
🫐Blueberry Waffle Cone - fresh picked blueberries, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and crushed waffle cones. 
🏝Saltwater Darlin - lychee blossom, sea lily, coconut water, pineapple nectar, citrus, sugarcane, & other tropical flowers. 


Our Shampoo Bars contain naturally derived keratin & proteins that do damage control to the hair.  They also contain bubbling agents that are naturally derived from coconuts making them extra gentle on your hair and skin.  

a few of our fave ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Naturally Derived Bubbling Agents
  • Organic Karanja Oil
  • Organic Mango & Cocoa Butter
  • & MORE!

The ingredients in BB bars offer the following:

  • Anti-aging benefits for hair 
  • Superior damage recovery for the hair and skin
  • Intense protection from UV-stress and heat
  • Deeply nourishes hair for greater manageability
  • Instantly conditions for a softer, smoother feel

Never used a shampoo bar before? Here’s what to expect!
I’m not sure I can imagine using bottled shampoo again & many customers agree with me. Shampoo bars give your hair a very clean feeling after use. Once you follow up with our new cream conditioner (or your fave conditioner) you will find that the look, feel and manageability after each use just continues to improve beyond your wildest dreams.💖Scent Descriptions: